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Your own personal website with a simple to memorize url: The page has your CV (resume) and contacts and more!

Downloadable CV (resume)

The information you add is used to automatically generate a PDF resume/CV for your personal use. Life couldn't be any much easier!


Customize your theme from a pool of templates! Save the time you use to update your CV and changing the styles. It's now automated!

Alerts on adverts

When an advert is made on our site, you'll get a notification in your profile page and an opportunity to apply for the job with a click.

Portfolio page

Share your photos with your potential clients. Photos can be a great way to show what you do. Share your portfolio with friends and clients.

Callback and Chat

Get the opportunity to chat with your clients online. Give them an opportunity to leave their contact so that you can call them back.

Get jobs

With our powerful search feature, clients can search for your services and contact you for music jobs. Know when adverts are posted.

Blog page

Do you have some work that you would like to share online if you had a blog page? Now its possible. You'll get a blog page for just that.

And much more!

How about a customized title on your CV? A contact page? A full featured admin page? Applying for jobs with a click? Lets get started.

Free CV (resume)

Create your CV (resume) and get that professional look

Create an online CV (resume) page that people can visit to see your skills and profession. You can also download it!. We will notify you when someone requests for any of your services through text message and email. It is time to get your skills visible in the only music services website in Kenya.
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Get an instructor

Search now for a music service that you need. It is free!

Easily find the music service that you want. Instrumentalist, Choir Trainer, Music theory teacher, guitar instructor, piano instructor, drum instructor, School music teacher, Music Director, etc. It is time to get a musician you can trust from the greatest musician's database in Kenya
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Advertize a music job position here today

You have a job that you want to advertize to the musicians in MuSKe? You are welcome. It is easy to post an advert and we will make sure the best musicians who fit your job description have seen the advertizement. We will post the advert at our notice board and also send it to the musicians.
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Having a MuSKe account will make you have the best platform to advertize yourself as a musician. Read what some of our friends say about how having an online personal website has helped them.

Getting and maintaining a website has been my biggest nightmare. MuSKe has really helped me have a website that I can maintain with very simple clicks!

Milcah Kelly

Primary School Music Teacher.

I have always paid people to create resume for me... not any more! Now I can choose from a pool of themes and download my CV (resume) instantly.

Mbai Dennis

Music Theory Instructor.

My social media accounts now have a website link :) Now there's a website link on my resume too! I love how much I can personalize my online personal resume.

Josiah Birai

Music Theory, Piano and Guitar Instructor.

How to Get Started.

Whatever the musical need, We have the teacher.

Whether you want to learn a musical instrument or you just want to know how to sing, we've got you covered. Learning music theory, Choral conducting, name it! If you want an instrumentalist for your institution, an instructor in any musical field, we give you the teacher and we make sure that you achieve what you want by supervising the works of the musician and offering any help that is needed. Don't wait any longer! Click the search button and get one of the best!

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Advertize. We'll make sure they see it.

So you've searched and you can't find who you want? Or maybe you just want them to look for you! :) No problem. You can easily advertize your job position and we'll make sure they have it in their emails. Each one of them. By the way, we will do the interview for you if you don't mind.

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